Stoke ON TREND GamesJam 2021


Stoke-on-Trent City Centre BID is working alongside Staffordshire University to bring a digital games event unlike anything previously staged in the UK, to the city centre this summer.

‘Stoke ON TREND GamesJam 2021’ is a contest that will see hundreds of aspiring programmers and Games Developers – otherwise known as Jammers - come together to create playable games, each based around a key city centre theme.

It seeks to bring together creative minds to generate new and exciting experiences, simultaneously celebrating the culture and heritage of Stoke-on-Trent City Centre, through the medium of video games.

In the week-long development stage of the competition, amateur, professional and hobbyist game creators can participate and collaborate, exploring the process of game development in every aspect, including programming, iterative design, narrative exploration and artistic expression, providing they are aged 16 and over, and a student at high school, college or university.

They will be given seven days, commencing 29 May, to knuckle down and create a game in teams of up to four, aligning to one of eight themes, each recognising and celebrating an element of the city centre’s history and heritage, but which will remain a secret until the Jam starts, providing a fair and even challenge to all participants.

Once the week is up and games have been developed by the ‘Jammers’, they will be made available to play on smartphones via QR codes located in the city centre in the corresponding themes’ location from 19 June to July 11.

Not only will local students and aspiring games programmer have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience, there is also an incredible prize in it too for the creator of the game that receives the highest rating.

The winners will have the opportunity to work in a studio style environment at the Staffordshire University Games Institute for a six-week period over the summer of 2021. They will have access to the University’s commercial licenses to turn their Stoke ON TREND GamesJam game into a commercially releasable game.

The Stoke ON TREND GamesJam 2021 hopes to bring a refreshed new audience to our City Centre; keen to explore its offering in a unique, digital way. As well as QR codes opening up fun mobile games to be played out and about, there will be a number of additional ‘surprise’ QR codes located in various spots around the city centre that allow the mobile user to access discounts and freebies to be redeemable at a number of venues.

If you are an aspiring programmer or know someone who is, please visit www.stokeontrentcitycentre/gamesjam2021 to register your interest. Please note that GamesJam entrants must be aged 16 and over, and a student at school, college or a university. 



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Stoke ON TREND GamesJam 2021

Type:Family Event

Stoke-on-Trent City Centre

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Stoke ON TREND GamesJam 2021 - Play in the city centre (19 June 2021 - 11 July 2021)

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